One of the nice aspects of my profession is the contact with my customers. Especially if they show appreciation about my work. It’s always nice to know what they are up to, and how they use my software.

These quotes are pieces of e-mail conversations, an excerpt of what I’ve received the last years. These pieces of text are from unsolicited e-mails, and you're totally allowed to check the validity.

Constellation VFX

I recently did a fashion commercial with a VERY internationally famous director. Throughout the shoot he was frustrated with the talent so on the sound track you could hear him swearing and complaining interspersed with 'yeah that's great cool' and so on. No drama - we only needed the video... until the agency requested a copy of all the rushes. In a blind panic I was looking at a month of re-encoding until I remembered I had QTchange. 20 minutes later I'd removed all the audio tracks and was copying the rushes to the server in New York. Thanks Bouke - you saved me once again


-Mike Parsons, VFX Supervisor, Constellation VFX


I've got the following question:

I work with robot probes for deep sea surveys where the robots collect both realtime video streams and offline GoPro etc video. I have been testing your QTChange software and am finding it very useful for embedding timecode to get all the videos in sync. In fact, my technician has just submitted a paper that introduces your software as part of our workflow (see attached file Figs 3 and 4). I have also just download your Transcriber software to use for capturing the TC as we input organism occurrence data in an Excel spreadsheet. (...)
Unfortunately for the next application I need, it doesn't seem you have developed a tool yet.
If this kind of software were available I have multiple users on both Windows and Mac platforms for whom I would love to purchase copies. Would this be difficult to implement?

After this question, I've made a custom tool, resulting in this:

I can't believe you managed to code this so fast and that it is so close to what we want on the first time around!

- Dhugal Lindsay

Troublemaker studios

So, the excruciating time consuming process that I was looking at of manually looking up and entering frame data into the DPX column in an Avid bin for nearly 4000 master clips has been reduced to just minutes. Bouke wrote a nice little application to take care of this task for me. I exported an ALE with the appropriate columns included and ran it through his app and it automatically filled the column with the appropriate data and then I imported it back into the project with the merge option and presto; task done. Now my cut list and pull list have all the file frame range data for pulling needed file sequences for VFX from the ArriRAW image sequences for one of our projects. This totally nailed the solution to my problem and saved me a great deal of time. 


- Jay Mahavier
Assistant Editor / Digital Conform Editor - Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For


I did some customization for a particular client, offering him UDP instead of a custom DLL to talk to his front end work:

Hi Bouke,
Just wanted to say a huge thanks for the quick customization you did for me on LTCReader, the UDP broadcast works very well!  I have a system running now which can poll it in real time, display a counter on a webpage using  a jQuery interval update and then pull a stamp for the database as soon as a log note is entered.  Quite slick!  And great new functionality to advertise I think.  I was able to get it to broadcast on the loopback subnet at, and direct to other static IPs on the network by entering their address directly, and both work really well. 
In any case, everything is great and I really do appreciate the work you put into this.  It’s enabled me to do a lot of fun things with brower-based logging with a combination of jQuery and PHP. 
I purchased four licenses so far and will have a look through to see if there’s anywhere else I can integrate the technology.  Cheers!

- Graeme Mislan

And some random feedback:

I love this program!!!!!

- Scott Sawyer 
Outback Studio 

Your tools are great, so glad I found them.

- Simon Hepworth

Thank you for your prompt response and fantastic product! 

- Justin Ulrich

Wow! Thank you for the bug fix! I just converted a 45 minute video to test it and it totally works! This is so going to help speed up my workflow. 
Thank you!

- Brigitte

Bouke, thanks for the fast reply, indeed it was a qt reference file and I realized my mistake today on set. Sorry to trouble you with such a dumb question. Have a great sunday mate and keep up the awesome work, great software!

- Sergio Béjares 
DIT- Post Supervisor
First Light Films

Way to go man! Many thanks!
It worked!
You saved my 4 weeks of audio tc for a docu! Everything stamped correctly!

- Tomasso Ferrari,

I love it.  I do a lot of multi-cam shoots/edits with DSLR's usually with multi-tracked audio (bands and stuff)     I send LTC to the camera's via wireless in-ear transmitters/receivers.  Sometimes it's long continuous shots, sometimes hundreds of shorter clips.  Use LTC convert to read the code and stamp the files.  It's wonderful.  :-)  

- Wesley Burrows

Youhouuuu it works!
Now I have to ask my producer to buy your wonderful product! ;)
The best support EVER!

- Pauline Decroix

Followed your advice and nailed it in ten minutes. Problem was between
keyboard and chair. Your software just saved me about 3 days of
headache per 24 minute episode of tv. And I have 312 of them still to
go. So thank you thank you thank you.

- Jeremy Briers

HOLY SH*T! Now the software processed one file in under 20 seconds...
previously it was about 4-5 minutes

- Sebastian Zielinski
TV Polsat, Poland
(this After making an update based on client feedback.)

Great info. I've been Googling all morning; your explanation helps a lot.

- Mark Block, Eatapc

This week have sent two new ad into Adstream and both passed EBU128 really chuffed with the software. Many Thanks.

- David Strelitz

We bought Spotxml - it's great!

- Patrice Gautot - Lovo Films

Just writing to let you know that the program is working great.  I am so grateful to you for making the changes that made it possible for me to use it.  I can’t wait to tell my students about it.

- Kiran Kaur Saini

Your product has revolutionized our entire department and I am eternally grateful. No one works in house anymore. Everyone now works from home and I moved across the country to a place I love.
You just don't realize the impact your product has had on all of our lives so thank you. 

- Katy Horton
Transcription Services Director  | Western Division 
VSI HD Media

have changed UAC settings and its now working on new Dell laptop 
withWindows 7 and old Visat (sic) laptop ....
It's Official Bouke - YOU ARE A STAR!!!

- Anne Miles

You and I had several emails back and forth at the end of last year/beginning of 2015 about time code issues with Transcriber. Then life and work got crazy and I never downloaded the new version or got back to you. I just wanted to tell you I've downloaded the current version and the time code insert problem I was having in Windows 8.1 is totally fixed now and I'm very happy with the new version. You have a great product. Just wanted to follow up (finally) and let you know that.
Best regards,

- Denise Rohlfs

Works great. Does the job in milliseconds.
Thank you.

- Johannes Jonsson, DIGI-film