Frequently asked questions

Zeranoe is closing down, but no worries!

There are alternatives.
for OSX, go here:
Make sure you get both FFmpeg and FFprobe. (For FFprobe, scroll a bit down.)

for Windows, go here:

For both, unzip, dive into the 'bin' folder, and get FFmpeg and FFprobe.


Yes, it's here now, and we're working our butts off to get things compatible.
Most of the products WILL be ported to be compatible, but QT change is a different beast, since it relies on the QT framework that Apple decided to kill.
(MOV files live on, but the framework below it has gone. (like QT ref and such)
So, QTchange will live on, but destructive editing of files will never be that easy anymore, sorry, don't blame us.

In general, hold off on new OS's for a couple of days / months if you are a pro, let others find the pitfalls first, and give developers the time to adapt!

LTCreader / coverter not reading LTC

On Mac, go into system preferences, security and privacy, and make sure the app has access to the microphone.
On the latest Windows 10, it's about the same. Go to settings, privacy settings, microphone, and turn ON 'Allow apps to access your microphone'

If you are on Mac, and the app crashes immediatly

(This is ONLY needed if you run an older, 32 bits app!)
You might have a font installed that is not compatible
The solution: Open Font Book, and inside Font Book, go to the 'file' menu, and select 'Restore Standard Fonts'
Then try the application again.

Some apps don't run on OSX Sierra or higher

Most of the apps in the store are code signed, and should work right away.

However, if it does not run, read this:
In the latest OS, Apple has removed the 'run apps from everywhere' option.
This will give you an error on startup.
But, it's still possible to run an app.

Open a terminal window (It's in the Utilities folder, (shift cmd U).

Type in:
xattr -d 
(Or copy / paste this. Make sure there is a space after the last text!)

Drag the application onto the terminal window.
It should now look like:
xattr -d /Users/Computername/Applications/Appfolder/

Then hit Return.

That's it!
Here is a video demo on how to do it:

How do I get an update?

Just download the demo again. If you are entitled to an update, just insert your serial number again and you are good to go.
You can have multiple versions on one computer. Just keep them in a seperate folder.
You are entitled to an update unless the version number goes up by a whole point (e.g. 1.8.2 to 2.0).

Where is the download link for my purchase?

There is none. If you buy a product, you will only get a license number.
The application is the same as the demo!
To get your demo to the full version, enter the license number into the "registration" window. (file->register)

My product does not run...

  • Make sure you copy the ENTIRE folder to your harddisk. All files inside it are needed.
  • Make sure you have read/write permissions in the install folder. Sometimes that will go wrong (Right click on the folder and see if you have read/write permissions. If not, set it to 'read/write')
  • If you are on Mac, and have a Russian OS, the application will not run. Switch to another language.

I need to insert my serialnumber over and over...

The application cannot write in the install folder. Make sure you have read/write permissions in the install folder. Sometimes that will go wrong (Right click on the folder and see if you have read/write permissions. If not, set it to 'read/write')
If that also fails, contact me, your app needs an update.

Where is my invoice?

If you bought something trough the webshop, you technically doing business with Avangate. They provide you an invoice and take care of taxes.

Why does the application have an Adobe icon?

This happens if you downloaded your product before march 2016.
Download it again, Most products now have proper icons.