VideoCompare € 0,00


Third fully functional beta version to find differences between two video files.
(Current 0.0.6)

It will:
  • Work on files with different resolutions / codecs / containers / compression levels.
  • Be a 'bit' intelligent, has NSAI (Not So Artificial Intelligence)
  • Save an EDL (Avid / Resolve compatible)
  • Save an Avid Markerlists
  • Be quite fast
  • Let you mask out subs / bugs / burned in timecode
  • Let you change params without having to re-scan, with instant feedback
  • Work on files that have a different startframe (start TC does not matter!) So, you can customize if one (or both) files have a leader, that the other has not.
it will NOT (yet)
  • Insert XMP metadata
  • Do other fun stuff you might want.