Trimmer / Consolidator € 0,00


This util is to trim / consolidate (cut out pieces) of video to new files, based on an Excel or CSV file, and / or add metadata as XMP.

It can:
  • Find matches between database and media, based on filename in the database, or on timecode
  • Output file names can be done auto, or from a column in the database
  • Transcode to a variety of output formats (customizable)
  • Do a 'pass trough' of audio / video, with specific audio channels
  • Burn in TC
  • Flip / rotate in any combination
  • Retain input folder structure on output
  • Include 'any' metadata as XMP in the new clips
  • (Destructive) add metadata as XMP to source clip
On installing, it generates a couple of config files for transoding flavours.
You can duplicate or alter the config files to add more output codecs, or change settings.
(Or ask us to create one up to your liking.)

By default, you get 4 flavours of ProRes, 2 flavours of H264 and 'same as source'.
(The last one will be ultrafast, since it's just a plain copy, like you could do with QuickTime player Pro in the old days.)

Current version is 1.0.7 for Win, 1.1.3 for Mac