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Current version is  5.6.0 Win and 5.5.2 for Mac

Finally I've made a Video Tutorial:

There is new stuff added to get a pretty nice Adobe Premiere Pro workflow.
For a demo, look here:

A professional subtitle / CC preparation and render toolset
If you have the need for subtitles you will probably find that it's not very practical to do the translation in your NLE's title generator. Almost no NLE gives you the option to playback your show and type at the same time. SubBits subtitler does. This professional subtitle software is developed in close cooperation with professional translators and has all the handy tools you need to make a translation for titles and output to the format of choice. You can even work on a simple office machine, freeing up your precious edit suite.

Subbits was developed in close cooperation with Gerard van Loenhout, owner of a professional subtitling company. (

Main features include
  • Fast text editor with all shortcuts a text editor needs
  • Works with (about) all video formats
  • Keyboard control over the video simultaneous to typing titles
  • Option to move multiple titles together
  • Option to save comment with titles
  • Option to swap all comment and titles for second language translation without re-timing
  • Option to switch between all framerates for format conversion
  • Instant preview of your work
  • Timeline trimming
  • Render Engine to output to bitmaps for any NLE and / or bitmap files for DVD
  • Render Engine does Quicktime with Alpha channel
  • Import and Export of FCP XML
  • Closed Captions import / output (.SCC)
  • Pac, 890 and a lot of other formats support
  • Import of Transcript files
  • Batch conversion from / to different formats
  • Very fast editing / creating of Closed Captions
  • Conversion from Subtitles to Closed Captions and vice versa
There is not enough space here to really cover everything. Just download it and read the manual, or even better, toy with it!
Just make sure you run Subbits as Administrator. (see the manual about that.)

Chip Eberhart did a small demo of Subbits at MacWorld:

Brian Hoffman (product manager for DVD Studio Pro) was very impressed.

Philip Hodgetts:

...Pretty cool tool you've made there...

What's new:
Shot change detection, and settings how to handle in/outpoints around them
Avid Subcap export is now UTF 16le
Added a new workflow for Adobe Premiere, you now can have easy editable subtitles on your Premiere timeline.
20 levels of UNDO
Display of current filename and video in the windows
Mac now has better visibility of pop-up windows
User configable buttons in the interface, with roll-over help for function and shortcuts
Waveform in the timeline
Framestep left / right with short playback audio for fast accurate finding of in/outpoints.


Followed your advice and nailed it in ten minutes. Problem was betweenkeyboard and chair. Your software just saved me about 3 days ofheadache per 24 minute episode of tv. And I have 312 of them still togo. So thank you thank you thank you.Jeremy Briers

In the early days of DVD studio Pro we had to do some simple subtitling.
The tool that came with DVD SP was so crappy that we needed something else.
As it did accept text as input we've made a very simple utility that could convert the Quicktime time to proper formatted Tc, and combine that with a simple text editor.
Over the years when DVD became a large part of our daily work we kept on developing it, added functionality, support for open captions etc.
At a certain stage we came into contact with a professional translator who helped us improving it to what we think is the fastest subtitle prep application available.

This software might use code of FFmpeg, licensed under the  LGPLv2.1  and its source can be downloaded here, and is included with the download.

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