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Latest Mac version is now Catalina compatible!
This util is for people who need to upload commercials to broadcasters conform the 'SPOT' standards.
It makes it very easy to create SPOT compatible files.
It copies / renames the MXF and optional additional files to a user selectable output directory, ready for upload to the broadcaster.
If you cannot create MXF OP1a yourself, this util can do the transcode for you.

The advanced checking options make it impossible to have mistakes in the XML and filenames.
It scans the input MXF file, and auto detects timecode, duration and will see if it HD or not.

It contains code written for BrandDeli (Now RTL), and  that has processed / fixed thousands of otherwilse out of spec files.

Main features include
  • Simple and fast creation of XML files
  • Simple and fast creation of broadcast standard MXF files with auto audio levels to EBU R128
  • extra Mp4 output for client approval
  • Check for accuracy of the metadata
  • Check for loudness (LUFS)
  • Check for True Peak
  • Check for Short term loudness
  • Check for timecode / resolution of the source MXF
  • Auto renaming of assets
  • Preview function
  • Render function to force create compliant files

Like most tools found here, we had a need for it. Over the last years we have used it ourselves to create hundreds of commercials for national TV.

Current version is 4.0.4 for Mac, 4.0.5 for Windows
(for Mac Catalina Compatible!)



We bought Spotxml - it's great!
Patrice Gautot - Lovo Films

This software uses code of FFmpeg, licensed under the  LGPLv2.1  and its source can be downloaded here.

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