ReCut € 89,00


If you have to re-cut or color correct a mastered show you want to have all the shots separated, a very tedious job.
ReCut makes a cutlist (EDL) for you, saving you from manually finding and adding all cuts.
After it has done its magic, you can walk trough the list in a trim-like dual subsampler to see how well it's done, and manually add/delete edits.
It works (depending on the source and CPU) faster than real-time.
It outputs to a simple EDL or a XML file.
(Note: Avid can razor a long clip with the Pan/Scan effect. See the manual about that.)

Operation is simple. You can import a digital video, or if you're on FCP, import a XML containing your sequence. After the application did its job, export and re-link the media to the new sequence.
(if you're on FCP 7 relinking is NOT needed.)

Main features include
  • User definable search parameters
  • User definable keyboard shortcuts
  • Output to XML, EDL specific for Avid, EDL specific for M100.


We got a job restoring 16 hours of old movies. That means cleaning up/color correct about 12.000 individual shots. Now of course there were no EDL's available.
Instead of having an assistant to work for two weeks to manually razor the movies we developed this little util. During lunch and overnight it did the job, freeing the suite and the assistant.

Current version is 3.3.2 for both Mac and Win