ProxyDateTime € 24,95


Small util to set the date / time stamp on transcodes, based on the original timestamp.
So, if you want to work with transcoded material, you can still search on date / time shot of the originals.

It searches for files with extensions as set in the Config.txt file
For *.R3D, it searches for R3D files ending in _001.R3D. Do NOT set  _001.R3D in the config, just *.R3D. (Note, the Config file extension are not CaSeSenistive.)

And it searches for quicktime (mov) files.

It assumes the Mov files are transcodes from the source files, and are created at a later time.

It then takes the file creation date from a source file and sets that on the quicktime with corresponding file name prefixes, no matter their location.

Drop one or more folders onto the app, you'll get feedback if QT's aren't found, or setting time was not successful.

Current version is 1.4.
At the moment it's Mac only. Drop me a line if you want a Windows version.