MP4 to QT € 24,95


Util to rewrap GoPro (and other) Mp4 files into Quicktime.
(Handy if you need to get Mp4 into Avid.)

It will include Timecode / Reel, based on the shoot time.
But if you have TC on your originals, it can also retain that, e.g. if you have a Hero3+, or Sony DSLR.

It GoPro files are spanned, it can also combine the (spanned) clips in a single new one.

It re-wraps the Mp4 into Quicktime, meaning NO transcoding is done. That makes it very fast without any quality loss.

It now can also do MTS to QT, but that's experimental.

Current version is 6.5.5 for both Win and Mac. This is a free update for registered users.
  • Bugfix on windows where it sometimes skipped files
  • Added spanning support for the newer Hero's
  • Added option to correct non-matching TC for XAVC / AVCHD
  • Bugfixes, drag/drop now works with 'retain subfolder', TC on spanned clips bug fixed, windows version Drop frame issue fixed
  • Added option to convert sound to uncompressd
  • Keep original TC now works for Sony DSLR XAVC
  • Removed Quicktime player dependencies
  • Added Watchfolder
  • Drag and drop support
  • Changed the interface
  • Switched from file modified time to file creation time
  • Added an option to subtract the file duration (if the file creation time was not set at the beginning of the recording, but at the end.)
  • More feedback during re-wrapping.
  • Added MTS support


I just downloaded MP4 to QT in order to convert some Mp4 files, all I
can say is:
Ozan Olçay

MP4 clips without timecode and reel names are very problematic in round-tripping between editing and color grading. Mp4toQT is the one-stop-solution to add TC based on creation time and reel names too – works a treat between Premiere Pro or FCP-X and DaVinci Resolve. Plus, the technical support is excellent.
Prof. Uli Plank, Braunschweig University of Arts

Bouke, thanks for the fast reply, indeed it was a qt reference file and I realized my mistake today on set. Sorry to trouble you with such a dumb question. Have a great sunday mate and keep up the awesome work, great software!
Sergio Béjares
DIT- Post Supervisor
First Light Films