LTC Generator € 135,00


This application generates LTC wav or BWF files (48 Khz / 16 bit) based either on manual input, file TC, or an Avid ALE file.

And, it can output VITC files, compatible with our LTC_MIDI converter.

On Windows:
If you input QuickTime files, it can paste the LTC track into the QT as an extra audio track.
Thus, if you have an audio output to spare, you can have LTC output on ANY nle.

If you generate BWF (wav) files, you can easily sync them in your NLE.

So, you get LTC output from Source or timeline on ANY NLE!
And it does so fast, and in the background.
(About 200 times faster than RT, while leaving your machine with enough horsepower to do other things.)
Why would you want this?
  • If you need to make a frame accurate tape but have no frame accurate deck control. (This happens with FCP sometimes, or if you have a field recorder)
  • If you need to make a TC identical clone but only have one deck
  • If you need to make a TC identical tape when there is no source (Like from file based originals like RED)
  • If you need your Source LTC as output for any reason, and your NLE does not support it.
  • If you need any LTC out for any other reason, and your NLE does not support it.
The original question was a way to create tapes for offline editing of RED material.
With this application making those tapes is easy, so any editor can work with RED material without the hassle of rendering.

Nowadays it is also used to generate files as a master clock for events, to control light or pyrotechnics.

Current version is 1.9.6, for Win, 1.9.4 for Mac.


This is perfect, many thanks for the help!
You’re now my standard go to when customers ask for time code files!
Thanks again,
Andy Robinson