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First version of a logger application to mark or subclip based on timecode.

Main features:
  • Timecode in from LTC*, MIDI* or internal
  • Output to it's own database format, CSV, ALE or Avid Markers
  • Auto upnumbering Take if the Scene field does not change
  • Support both In / Out logging, as single event
  • Shortcuts for up to 12 (customizable) preset comments (That you can still edit!)
  • Shortcuts for setting quality
  • Shortcuts for inserting current TC in the comment field (eg, inside a logged clip you have a trouble spot
  • Customizable 'auto deduct' to compensate for reaction time
  • Compatible with 'anything' capable of reading CSV, like Excel, but thus also including our Trimmer app
* for LTC or MIDI, you need or our LTC reader
Run it either on the same system, but anywhere on the (local) network will also work.

Future plans:
  • Premiere XMP
  • Anything you might come up with