LiveLog € 199,00


Logger / annotation application.
Intended use is to log comments / markers on the fly, optionally set In / Out, but it's also possible to log from files with full JKL control.
All intended to speed up Post Production.

Main features:
  • Timecode in from LTC*, MIDI* or internal
  • Output to it's own database format, CSV, SQLite database, Excel sheet, Avid ALE or Avid Markers (spanned or single)
  • Insert XMP metadata inside clips for easy searching in Premiere
  • Merge metadata as XMP trough our Trimmer application
  • Powerpoint style viewer build in, to 'silent' log slides while logging, / export to Premiere XML for fast building a sequence with video and slides.
  • Auto upnumbering Take if the Scene field does not change
  • Support both In / Out logging, as well as single events (markers)
  • Shortcuts for up to 64 (customizable) preset comments (That you can still edit!)
  • Shortcuts for setting quality
  • Shortcuts for inserting current TC in the comment field (eg, inside a logged clip you have a trouble spot)
  • Customizable 'auto deduct' to compensate for reaction time
  • Compatible with 'anything' capable of reading CSV, like Excel, thus also including our Trimmer app
* for LTC or MIDI TC, you need or our LTC reader
Run it either on the same system, but anywhere on the (local) network will also work.

Current version is 1.2.4 for Windows, 1.2.3 for Mac