LiveCut € 0,00


When doing a studio setup and record a lot of iso's, you might want to have the work from the switcher as a base template for editing.

This application does just that. It even can do transitions.

Main features include
  • Hardware to connect your computer to the switcher
  • 422 or LTC input
  • Up to 8 sources, plus black (optionally more)
  • Transitions are seen with a max of two sources
  • Autosave
  • EDL output


As it needs dedicated hardware to connect to the switcher, the demo only works with mouse and/or keyboard.
However, it has been tested with different switchers, and has been in use now at and a couple of other companies.

As every setup is different, the price includes some custom modifications for your needs. (On no cure-no pay terms)
It is not available trough Esellerate, only on special order.
(As it most of the time needs a bit of customizing)