Live EBU R128 meter € 19,95


If you want to stream / broadcast / record a long show, and want to know the 'real' loudness? This tool helps with that.
No nonsense RT information about the perceived loudness of your mix,
conform the EBU R128 standard.

Unlike our LoudnessChange that scans files as fast as possible, this tool listens to 'any' source.
That can be a sound device, or the output of your computer / NLE, and gives real time information about what you are doing.

It has a simple, non cluttered interface with only the things you really need.
(Mind you, if you are mixing live, you should keep your eyes on the floor / stage, not on the meters. An occasional glance should suffice, so you don't want to look at stuff that is not important.)

Do NOT let the price fool you, this tool is fully up to specs!

Main features include:
  • User configureable parameters
  • Scalable interface, even during operation
  • Adjustable settings 'on the fly', so if you alter them, the graph will be redrawn based on the new settings
  • Scalable interface, with a 'stay on top' option if you don't want to get it buried behind other windows