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Util to make ProRes 4444 XQ files usable on Windows.
Files modified with this util play fine in QuickTime, After Effects, Resolve, and probably all other applications that normally can work with ProRes.

Main features include
  • Simple interface, drag / drop support of files and folders.
  • It's FAST (If you work on originals, if you make copies, speed depends on your drive speed.)
  • It does NOT transcode, it just sets a flag different so Windows applications can work with the files.


Current version is 1.3.0
Fixed a bug that rarely occured on files > 3 gig
Added a routine to set Read Only clips to Read/Write
Small bugfix, it should now support a wider range of clips.
And it gives feedback if a clip cannot be read for some reason.
(It's a known bug that the app. cannot read clips that have a special character in the pathname somewhere.)


It has been tested with Arri Alexa clips, BlackMagic Ursa clips, Resolve
and QuickTime generated clips.
Works great. Does the job in milliseconds.
Thank you.
Johannes Jonsson, DIGI-film

Perfect bit of software for getting around this frustrating file format issue.
Great product and fantastic customer support!
Matt Wilson - Kaleidoscope 3D LTD, New Zealand