Digital Clapperboard € 0,00


Digital slate with all options, specially for videoclips.
And it works on iPod and iPhone too!

but the best part, it can play back user selectable sound tracks while generating LTC.

This feature makes it very easy to sync clips shot for a music video.
But it also works nice for more traditional slate applications.

Main features:
  • Playback of your audio combined with visual TC and LTC for easy editing
  • Can be TC generator
  • Can slave to external TC
  • Clap sound on other channel as TC output
  • Flash/Hold TC display on clap
  • Customizable slate information
  • Customizable font sizes
  • Export to iPhone and iPod (Mac only!)
  • Export to Quicktime (Win only!)

After seeing a few kids toying around with Ipods on clip-sets, and having FCPauxTC reader in mind,
we thought this could be a swell idea.

if you need the app. to work as a master sync generator for more than 10 minutes,
then you need an additional file (s).
You can generate them with our LTC generator app.