Custom projects

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We have made several unique custom
video tools for these companies and movies:


Customization of Subbits to make it more suitable for translation of rushes instead of finalized shows.


Unattended subtitle conversion for broadcast.


RS-422 Logging application.


Offloader, automated backup / transcoding software for file based cameras.


In the Formula one circus they shoot with optical Xdcam. I've made a tool for high speed ingest of multiple disks on one system.

Derek Luff Music, Inc.

Database drive conversion of some 10,000 stock music files,
Conversion to Avid MXF including all kind of metadata.

Avatar (James Cameron)

Developed a VITC reading / logging / transcoding / reverse telecine system for the video assist. To aid the motion capture (Humans creating the movements of CG characters).

A Christmas Carol. (Robert Zemeckis, the version with Jim Carrey)

Created a workflow inside an existing pipeline for unattended file conversion while keeping metadata for the editorial department.

Jungle Book (Disney studios, Jon Favreau)

Developed a 6 channel HD SDI capture station in a single off the shelf workstation. This for immediate clip playback on set while shooting / recording motion capture.

Troublemaker studios (Robert Rodriquez)

Created a small tool after a help question on a mailing list.
(Jay, the guy asking the question helps other people a lot, so I decided to help him out. It was just half a day work, but let him explain it himself, See the 'ALE_TC to frames' application.)

Shine Australia (Shine produces the TV series Masterchef.)

'For that, they shoot a tremendous amount of audio channels with EVS ingest systems. I've created a tool to rip the audio from the video files, 4 times faster than other software, and in the same go they can patch the correct channels so the editorial department always have the same people on the same tracks.

Picturae / Supersens

Capture / transcoding system, one man operated 32 channel ingest system for extremely high volume archival of VHS tapes.

Two grapes media

Setting up Dusk (a commercial national broadcaster). Helped choosing equipment, and technical training on formats, levels, standard conversion and so on.

Valkhof museum

Design of android / IOS games, and a big multitouch kiosk game for 4 simultaneous players.

Radboud University

Design of a multicam recording studio.