BWF Toolbox € 29,95


Util to alter metadata and optionally set an offset to Wave or BWF files.
Current version is 1.0.1

It was intended to promote Wave files from non-tc capable recorders to BWF, based on the internal clock of the recorder. (Thus, the file creation time as a basis.)
So, if you find a specific spot where you know the TC, you can set it and all other recordings get the right timestamp as well.

You can also set all metadata as is found normally in BWF files, or alter that if the files are BWF already.

  • Sample accurate new timestamps, based on File date or BWF time
  • JKL style player
  • Waveform display
  • Auto finding of your clap
  • Auto detect of mono/poly and spanned (over file size limit)
  • Offloading of multiple cards in one go
  • Sound report in CSV and as Avid ALE
  • Sampe accurate offsets (if you have had a delay somewhere)
  • Drift correction (Handy if you need to sync with other devices.)