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Most of the time rendering is a time consuming process, and very often an unattended job.
You might want to upload your work to a server for client approval, but you could also upload them to check from home if you have to get back to the shop.

It works quite simple.
The moment autoFTP detects that a new file is present it will wait until the file has 'matured'.

(If it is a render file in progress, it will probably get bigger during the process).
If the file does not get bigger anymore, autoFTP will generate a script and use the FTP functionality from the operating system to upload the new file(s).
This is not another generic FTP program, nor is it a HTML editor. It is just a simple application that is strong in working unattended.
We have succesfully tested it with Procoder, but it should work with every other application.

Main features include
  • You can specify the type of files you want to upload, leaving tempfiles or logfiles local.
  • You can open/save custom setups (watch folder, ftp server, login stuff, destination folders).
  • You can set it to generate HTML for Quicktime, Windows Media and Flash movies. AutoFTP will determine the correct resolution and generate/upload the HTML for you.

We got tired of going back to the office after a render.
Some applications have this functionality already integrated, but we wanted a simple solution that works on all applications. Also, we do not like to install too much software on our workstations. AutoFTP, like all our tools, does not install anything nor alters anything in the OS.

Note that there is no demo version anymore!
The version you download with 'get demo' should be fully functional.