ALEchange € 149,95


Util to modify ALE files, or create from csv / Excel files.
Besides changing existing files, you can also merge them with other files.
So, it's easy to add metadata from eg a database / spreadsheet with clips.
Latest version has a bug fix when ALE header is incomplete.
  • Import Ale, csv or Excel files
  • Add / Remove / Copy / Merge columns / selected parts
  • Merge files (add metadata from another file)
  • Set UPPER or lowercase for specific columns
  • Remove path / folders and optional extention
  • Strip / replace text from specific columns
  • Set partial text for specific columns
  • Force tracks
  • Forced set text of a column
  • Extract / create a search string for file management
  • Timecode math, add / subtract or convert to frames
  • Do the above on selected clips only
  • Export to ALE (Heading will be added / changed to your liking
  • Undo / redo operations
Current version is 1.1.7 for Win, 1.1.7 for Mac

So, the excruciating time consuming process that I was looking at of manually looking up and entering frame data into the DPX column in an Avid bin for nearly 4000 master clips has been reduced to just minutes. Bouke wrote a nice little application to take care of this task for me. I exported an ALE with the appropriate columns included and ran it through his app and it automatically filled the column with the appropriate data and then I imported it back into the project with the merge option and presto; task done. Now my cut list and pull list have all the file frame range data for pulling needed file sequences for VFX from the ArriRAW image sequences for one of our projects. This totally nailed the solution to my problem and saved me a great deal of time.

- Jay Mahavier
Assistant Editor / Digital Conform Editor - Sin City 2: A Dame To Kill For