ALE cleaner € 29,00


A bit old, since hardly anyone uses tape, but nevertheless:
This is a simple program to make batch re-digitizing of decomposed sequences way faster.

Avid has a nasty habit of being really careful with drive space, so media that is not needed will not be digitized.
As a result of this, each audio split will generate a new clip.
Now this used to be a good idea in the old days, but since drives are cheap now we prefer speed.
This is where ALE cleaner comes in.

Have a look at the simple sequence in the images, one shot with one cutaway. Left is the bin with the decomposed sequence,
right is the amount you have to digitize if you use ALE cleaner.

What it does is checking for overlap.
If there is overlap in either video or audio, it will combine the clips into one bigger clip.
No need to rewind, pre-roll and capture almost the same piece of tape again.

It does more. It gives you instant feedback over the amount of material on each reel, and an estimation of the total job time.
(Based on the amount of reels, total duration, winding and preroll time.)
So before lunch you'll know which reel to insert...

It will give you all audio tracks, no matter if the original sequence contained just one.
So if you need to go back to the other channel, it's as easy as a match frame, no need to go back to tape again...
Also, there is an option to load video and audio on every clip, so you've got everything there is on tape on every cut right under you fingertips.

After being frustrated a long time over the slow process, seeing the same shot a couple of times,
we finally saw the light and made this.
It really only has meaning if you have both video and audio to redigitize, but on occasion we have to conform an offline from scratch.

Current version is 1.1, it now can add channel 3/4 as well.