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This util can convert audio files to either Avid MXF with metadata, or Wave with XMP metadata (for Premiere.)
Intended use is for music publishers, to hand out vast (music) libraries out to clients.

Use it to convert (LARGE) numbers of audio files and add custom metadata.
(Eg, convert your SoundMiner stuff to something more universal / open source)

End users will get metadata from the clips in their bins, making it easy to search, and making it easy to create cue sheets.

For Avid, it will create 'native' Avid MXF files with (custom) metadata
For Premiere, it will create Wave files with custom metadata in XMP

For both, clips will come up instantly with all the metadata you want visible / searchable in the end users bins.

It can do vast amounts of files in batch (Think, 10.000 files is no issue at all.)
It is FAST.
It will upsample (if needed to video industry standard 48K
It can adjust volume (Normally CD's are mixed HOT, editors like -9 dB or less.)
It can retain subfolders for file organisation.

This is a special order, contact us for more information!
(But the demo should tell you 'something')