EscapeControl € 0,00


Not really a video / film related product, but it does include sound and video.

If you happen to run an Escape Room, you're probably interested in this!

The demo comes with two (fictional) games, to show you a bit of what the software can do.
Note, it's in a very early stage at the moment, comments are welcome.

Main features include:
Highly customizable
Plays sounds (aif, wave, mp3 and other formats), up to 16 at the same time
Plays videos in a variety of formats (mov, mxf, mp4, avi, flv, etc.)
Auto duck bg music on video playback
Digital and / or analogue clock
Customizable fonts / fontsizes / color / shadow

See the screenshots to get an impression, or, even better, download the demo and toy with it.
(Use a dual monitor setup for best results.)

An old collegue quitted the TV industry and started an Escape room.
He asked us to improve his control software, and this is what we made.