Acopy GUI € 26,00


AcopyGUI is a graphic interface for the Assimilate Acopy command line application, that comes as a part of Scratch.
Assimilate was kind enough to make this available also for people not using their products.
Acopy provides a better way of copying files than the Windows operating system does.
This interface will allow for simple drag / drop operations, keeping the folder structure of the source files intact.
This also means you can copy multiple directory structures at the same time, without initiating simultaneous copying.
(That will slow down things and of course definitely will cause disk fragmentation.)

It will log errors if there are any, and will continue copying if it encounters something like a corrupt file, making it more suitable for long unattended copy operations.

Not all facilities have dedicated IT pipelines, and even the ones who do occasionally have to do work that isn't covered in the normal workflow.

That goes for Opus Digital Lab (TeL Aviv, Israel) as well.
Dori Bashan and Ido Karilla wanted a quick way to do the occasionally quick and 'not so' dirty copy jobs from slow long term storage to their fast raid system used for finishing.

Instead of manually entering a lot of text in a DOS box and wait, this util provides a simple way to copy and get feedback about potential problems.
Highly controlled, guaranteeing data integrity and no fragmentation to ensure smooth playback of files with even the highest data rates.

A bit more information, courteously from the Assimilate website:
"File system benchmarks are often run on empty file systems, and unsurprisingly, the results may vary heavily from real-life access patterns:
(read more on Wikipedia)
ACOPY is a standalone, command-line utility for copying entire folders from one location to another. ACOPY uses asequential copy method that ensures edits are optimized for real-time playback. Standard Windows drag-and-drop copyingcan result in files being copied out of order. As a result of this, the media drives perform additional searches to play back the files in sequential order. This can result in degraded playback performance.It is recommended that ACOPY, or some other sequential copy program, always be used to transfer media onto the SCRATCH media drive.