VITC reader € 0,00


Small mediaplayer that can read VITC timecode from digitized clips, and reads header info from Mpeg I or Mpeg II files.

This player plays back Mpeg I and II, Qt and Wmv, while displaying the tc info recorded in the blanking lines (if available).
It also shows header information. if you load an Mpeg II clip. Note that it is still in beta!

It was developed to do a few clips, and I've put it up here.
Then it was found, and got me a job for Avatar.
(The code for that was derived from this, but highly adapted to the needs back then. Believe it or not, but the video assist was highly noisy SD composit video.)

It's now highly outdated, but the code was ported to our LTC-MIDI reader.
(That does not read from files, but that would be an easy job....)