FCP text generator € 0,00

A plugin for Final Cut Pro 7, giving your decent text.
Controllable by XML trough Subbits old versions.

The build in text generators in FCP are merely templates to make something better.
So that’s exactly what we did.
This plugin gives you outlined text with shadow, and you can set a fixed position.

But the best part is that you can subtitle using Subbits, export to XML and have all your titles instantly in your project. Still editable so you can make last-minute changes FAST.

Another plus, it's free of charge now, as we are busy developing to be compatible with FCP 5

You cannot download it here, it's a part of SubBits and is included in the demo. This part of the demo is fully functional, thus FOR FREE!
(although we like a quick note if you like it and start using it.)
So, get the Subbits demo.