FCP Reconnect € 54,00


FCP 7 isn't strong in the Relinking department.
You need the files you want to relink to have the same name as the original files, or you're in for a lot of work manually finding them.

Those worries are over. This application will do the tedious work for you.

Main features include

You can Reconnect on 3 different ways:

-have FcpReconnect consolidate the online files with correct names
-have FcpReconnect rename the original files
-have FcpReconnect modify a XML for you.

It got an update, you now also can reconnect media files from sequences created by importing an EDL.


There was a question from someone who wanted RED color corrected material to reconnect to existing sequences.
And that turned out to be very well doable...

Note, if you want to reconnect to Color rendered files, make sure you use Color 1.5
Previous versions do NOT include Reelname in the render files.

Current version is 1.04 and 4.1
A bug after registration in 4.0 should now be fixed.

It now also supports 50 and 60 FPS.