Avid MXF creator € 0,00


It renders a lot of file types straight to Avid DNxHD MXF.
If the MXF files are in a mediafolder you can use the MediaTool to get them in a bin.
Place them in a folder driveAvid MediaFilesMXFXX
(where XX is a number between 1 and 100)

Then, in Avid, drag the MDB file to a bin,
or open the MediaTool, select the drive and Project name you have assigned in this tool.
Drag the found clips from the Media Tool into a bin.
Absolutely NO import time.

Main features include

-No Avid software needed, any computer will do.
-TWICE as fast as an AMA transcode (at least on our system)
-Reelname / TC is retained, but reelname can be customized
-RGB to 709 conversion if needed

This can be handy on set to get Post started ASAP, for DI work (hence the options to customize the Reelname), or just to free up your Avid, let this thing work while you are busy editing.


Avid seems to have trouble AMA importing files with compressed audio, and we needed that. Of course, as most of the time, we exaggerated and this is the result...

Version 1.01 for Win, 1.02 for Mac (bugfix for 23.976 audio duration)

(Due to licensing negotiations with Avid this product is currently not for sale.)