BWFmerge € 49,00


Util  to merge BWF (Mono and/or Poly) into a new large Poly, while retaining timing info from timestamp.
Different start / stop times are no problem!
(Read, no matter the start / stop times, files will be in sync.)

It will add silence or trim begin/end, depending on your setup.
It retains metadata, and lets you patch the output channels.
(Output amount has a max of 32 channels, which seems enough for now.)

note, it's risky to make multiple different versions and check them in your NLE if the UMID does not change.
So make sure you reset your NLE if you use one, or strange things may happen.

Have a look at the screenshots to see how it will behave.
(The last one is an example of input files, output with / without a master clip selected. At the end you can see a series of clips checkerboarded. With master, they become seperate clips trimmed to the master in/out, without they will become one long clip.)

It can do:
  • Output of Poly files of unlimited duration
  • Custom patching if needed
  • Use Output folder name as Tape Name
  • Create a Sound Report
  • ALE file for relinking more metadata

Current version is 1.2.1
It should be faster now, especially on larger files.