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For: Mac

Slave your computer to your BWF recorder
Slave your BWF recorder to your computer

Then use your Canon or Nikon software to set the clock of the cam to the computers clock.

Note that the very popular Zoom BWF recorder DOES NOT HAVE an LTC input, and afaik, it cannot slave to anything nor output any reference signal.

(And i've got no idea why it saves BWF then, as it never will be in sync with anything except it's own clock...)

What this thing does:
It can accept LTC coming in on the audio port, and lock the computer's time to that.
(Set your audio settings to the correct port first)
OR, it can output LTC sync to the computers system time.

Use it for any purpose you might see fit, but i've made it to simplify DSLR / BWF syncing.

Main features include

Unlike the LTC liveGenerator, this one is dead accurate, and that's needed:

Using Canon's or Nikon's DSLR cams, you probably use dual system audio.
So if you can get your Canon or Nikon to set their clock to the computers system time, and that is in sync with your BWF recorder, both will be in sync.
Use my QTchange application to add QT timecode to your clips,
based on the .THM files that are saved with the clips.
(Just the filedate /time is not enough, that's only accurate up to one second...)


This is a betatest, and a logical follow up on the Digital Clapperboard.
Digital Clapperboard and this application will merge in the near future.

So if you really need this software now, get a copy of Digital Clapperboard Mac.
The serial will work with this app. also.

Do toy with it, don't be shy with feedback.