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A lot of people now use it to add timecode / reelnames to DSLR shot video, in order to have dupe detection.
But it can used for a lot of other workflows as well.
(Eg better media management of non-timecoded sources.)

There is new Avid support:
Speed changes to import worry free, or import trough an ALE and get TC and TapeName info as well!

And it now can also output BWF files, with or without speed changes.
All BWF files will be 48 Khz, even if the source is 44.1

A small word of wisdome:
30 FPS from the Canon 5D mark II can in fact be used in a 29.97 FCP timeline.
You then have a 1:1 frame relationship. This is good.
BUT, your sound will be out of sync.
This has nothing to do with this application!
So it's best to first conform the clip to 29.97, then add Timecode, then edit.
A brilliant new feature is to get the original time from the Canon's metadata.
Not only it is more accurate (1/100 of a second), but you can now transcode first to anything you like, and then add the timecode.
So make sure your THM files travel all the way with whatever form you render to!
(Just copy them into the same folder as you render to.)

This tool will let you batch alter QT files.
Use it to alter properties, or to add TC / Reel info.
It is compatible with QT files created by Nikon or Canon cameras.

So with this, you can add Timecode, either Rec Run style, or Free Run style.
(In the case of Free Run style, time and date from the shooting can be used for TC / reel info.

(click on the image to see a full size screenshot)

Main features include

Add Timecode, 'free run' or 'rec run' style
Add timecode based on THM files / metadata (more accurate, works with Canon created clips)
Extract THM files if they are embedded in the QT (like a Canon 60D writes)
Extract sound to 48 Khz BWF files (with optional speed change)
Add custom reelname(s)
Change Reel info
Offset sound (to fix sync problems)
Change display settings
Change qualtiy settings
Change speed settings
Change amount of tracks (well, delete tracks...)
Add burned in Timecode
Flatten movies after changing
Export / transcode movies and alter them at the same time
And it can add TC and Reel info from an Avid ALE.

The last function is a sort of 'Reverse Metacheat'

The video below is made with an older version that did not yet have the latest features!


It is now in version 2.29 for Win, 2.40 for Mac

Latest updates:
Drag and drop now works again on Mac.

This means, it can alter your original files, and it will do what you tell it to do.
If you tell it to delete all tracks, it will happily do so and you get stuck with empty files...
So if you don't know what you are doing, STAY AWAY!

There is a bug in either QT or OSX that can corrupt clips
if they live on a network drive. This is NOT a QTchange bug!
The same corruption can happen if you use FCP to change TC!
so, DO NOT work from network drives, unless you have tested it well!

FcpX only reads timecode if there is a Reelname present.
QTchange is now FcpX compatible, but you cannot leave the reelname empty!