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The idea:
An application intended to offload removable storage from video cameras, digital still cameras and audio recorders.
And while we're at it, transcode clips from DSLR's to a more workable format, and / or backup to XDcam disk.
(So you can give your client a highly compatible, affordable and rugged disk, a few minutes after the shoot!)

Why is this needed in the first place? It seems so easy, just drag the content from one location to another.
What could go wrong?

Well, i've seen everything go wrong, from strange file paths, partly copied material to empty directories, thus no longer existing footage...

If you have the Operating system do the copying, you'll get the option to 'cancel'.
So you can't leave your computer for a second, cause someone else could cancel the process.
Checking if everything is there can be a pain.
And of course, these jobs always are either while under the stress of shooting,
or late at night after you get home from a long day.
Being tired does not make you more accurate, and a simple mistake could wipe out an entire day of work.

(The images are from a slightly older version...)

Main features include

Now what this thing does:
It copies the contents of your storage (any kind, as long as your operating system can see it) to a selected location on one or two hard disks.
If you like, it can make a subfolder per source (up numbering). Of course needed for most video systems, but not always needed for still cams.
If you like, it can make a subdirectory per day. (So material gets organized by day and by order of offloading)

Another option is to have the second output as rendered files you can use to edit.
If the source contains QuickTimes, (like DSLR cams), you can transcode either to Quicktime or to Avid MXF.
For Avid, the gain is huge. You don't have to AMA your way in, nor do you have to wait for import. Just drag the clips from the Media Tool straight to a bin, and you're ready to go.

Another option is to convert the clips to XDcam, and let the app. write them to optical Sony XDcam disks.

It will only 'see' removable media, so you don't have to worry that your local storage suddenly will be copied.

It can back up to two different locations for extra safety.

It can run unattended, offloading every new disk that is attached to the computer, and eject it when done.

It will keep track of disks and warn you if a disk has already been offloaded.
(thus, no fear to back up the same disk twice while forgetting the second disk...)
You can of course override the warning if you like.

After offloading, it will check the amount of files copied, and compare file size / date for each file.
After that, if you can spare some extra time, it can do a byte by byte compare to see if everything has arrived safe.
If there has been a copy problem, you will be warned that something went wrong.

You can make multiple projects for fast switching between jobs / customers.
A "Project" means, the settings used. Thus, the kind of sources, the location where it has to be copied to, etc.
Each project has it's own database, containing the disks already copied, and all other export / transcode settings.


Mac is in version 1.02, Windows is in version 1.0.

The windows version is still donationware, the mac version is paid.